Make $10k a Month --
or Even $10k a Week!

Webcam operators needed for high-traffic sites. Males, females, TG; amateurs and pros; all ages and all types for all shifts. You would never know the economy is bad if you worked for us!



Webcams are taking over the industry, and even in this economy our business is up 30% over last year! We have more paying clients than we can handle, and are forced to turn away hundreds of thousands of sales, every day.

We're looking for dedicated, conscientious employees who want to make money! Crazy money! Our biggest problem is that when people start making more money in a single day than they used to make in an entire week -- a lot of them stop working more than one or two days a week. The nicest thing about this job is that you can set your own schedule, and we don't want to discourage good cam ops who want to go to school or keep their day jobs, but we also need employees who want to retire early with secure savings and investments!

Think you could never do this job? You might be surprised. 50% - 75% of our sales are flirtatious and conversational rather than sexual -- and our highest earners are single mothers who used to work the check-out line for minimum wage! Regular woman and average guys who'll talk about life, love, politics, sports, cars, gadgets, world-events -- you name it -- can make a fortune in this business.

Of course, if you're a sensual, sexual being who enjoys mutual self-pleasure, too, you'll make much more. If one is willing to work the hours, it's possible to pull in ten grand a week, with tips and bonuses. Six hours a day and five days a week can be an easy two grand (or more).

We've got (juicy) job vacancies while other lines of work are drying up! We're looking for men and women with experience, but we also need amateurs* don't be shy. Be smart. Think about the possibilities, consider the usual alternatives, and then go where the money (and the freedom) is...

Worried about what the neighbors might think? Afraid you'll be recognized by your old boss -- in your very small town? Fear not! We have no doubt that your neighbors and your old boss spend quality time in cam sessions -- as with masturbation, everybody's doin' it! -- but we are able to block entire states (at your request), and no one will ever be the wiser. Get a wig; apply your make-up differently than you would, "normally" (men often use fake moustaches and real toupees). Change your style and your accent. It's very easy to remain anonymous in plain sight. So!

Why toss and turn every night while worrying about losing your house and your car, or wondering how you're going to support your family? Sleep soundly, and dream of all the things you're going to do now that the mortgage is almost paid off, you owe nothing on the car(s), you no longer carry balances on your credit cards, and the kids' college fund has sprouted wings! eMail for further information:  Info at Jobs In Porn dot com...

* Job openings in all niches for both experienced and amateur males and females! Young, mature (even "grannies!"); dominant, submissive; all physical types, from hard bodies to BBW and bears; naughty or nice -- it takes all kinds! The only necessities are a good (or "interesting") personality, the right motivation, and a willingness to work!


"Employees" are Independent Contractors and responsible for all State and/or Federal taxes. 1099s are provided in January of each year.

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